Our Favorite Running Gear

Picture our ancestors…ok, now go way back in time….way, way back in time. Imagine now a caveman (or cavewoman) wearing a new pair of Adidas, a Garmin watch, a flip belt, a sporty tank, a hydration belt, all the while popping in some Gu while holding a spear in the other hand? At some point in the recent decade or so, we’ve gone from minimalist in running to having all of this gear. Do they help us run any faster? Maybe adds convenience? Or are we addicted to the latest and greatest in running technology? Whatever the answer is, we cannot get enough of it with annual sales increasing year over year for the past decade.

This Running Couple are no different. Throu


gh trial and error, we have purchased our fair share of different shoes, wearables, hydration packs, etc. Below are what we are using right now. If you guys are using something different, let us know. We’re open to trying something new during a training run.


  • Hokas One-One. She can’t run without them.
  • Camelbak hydration backpack
  • A handheld water bottle for shorter runs
  • A small Nathan blinky strobe light, a headlamp, and a reflective vest, all for night running.
  • Her Garmin Fenix 5S (there really is a Santa Claus)
  • A redundant Scosche HR monitor for her forearm
  • A Pacers Running Store branded visor or her Life Time Runs trucker cap
  • A good pair of sunglasses
  • Margarita flavored Bloks and pre-run fuel, especially Generation UCAN (definitely chocolate)


  • Loved Brooks, did Hokas (and others), and now back to Brooks Ghost 10s
  • Nathan hydration backpack w/ a handheld for shorter runs
  • A couple of blinky strobe lights and a good headlamp (most vests don’t fit around his frame )
  • His Garmin Fenix 5X (again, thanks Santa)
  • His iPhone and Plantronics wireless ear buds
  • Any number of caps to choose from, not brand specific
  • And most fuels…Gu is fine, Bloks, and UCAN are great.

Do these help us run faster? Not really, or at least no better than our ancestors. Any dangerous animals or other predator accessories we can use to “motivate us”? I’ll settle for PRs the new-fashioned way. Let us know what you use.

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