20 Best Practices for Runners Etiquette | Ep. 15

20 Best Practices for Runners Etiquette

The Running Couple talks about to-dos that they’ve been observing and no-nos that they’ve sworn to never do and improve on. There’s such a thing as runners etiquette, and they’re pretty easy to stick to. While some of them can be a bit specific, most are not that difficult to remember for being—hold it—common sense.

“Be aware of the other people running the race and trying to finish that strong finish.” – Lissett Lineberry

These tips come from their own pet peeves and self-realizations. From not being a race bandit down to sprinting that last few meters to the finish line instead of stopping for a selfie, Mark and Lissett have twenty things to keep in mind. At the end of the day, a runner should seek improvement not only in their running times but also in gaining awareness of their fellow runners’ needs.

Race on Columbus Day Weekend

20 Best Practices for Runners Etiquette | Ep. 15

The Army Ten Miler is happening in October and registration starts this month. The second largest ten-mile race in the United States will open its priority registration today, May 9. General registration starts on May 23.

Keep yourselves posted by visiting the Army Ten Miler website!

What the Running Couple Has Been Up To

Lissett and Mark ran the Clifton Caboose 5K, an evening race Lissett once placed second for two years ago. They ran half of it uphill, the other downhill. The race had an after-party, and suffice it to say that they loved the food!

Mark had the chance to run again for the Manassas Runway. He ran solo the 5K track this year, and while it had been windy and very cold, he had a good time hanging around the airplanes. The jets weren’t running up the runway, so have no fear.

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