Being a Positive Influence and Sharing Experiences with Kimberly Evering 006

Being a Positive Influence and Sharing Experiences with Kimberly Evering

Today Mark and Lissett speak with Kimberly Evering, an amazing adventure woman, that’s raced in Spartin Trifectas, shares a passion for running, and competing in SUP-Triathlons and Healthy Challenge Goals! She’s full of energy and we can’t wait to share Being a Positive Influence and Sharing Experiences with Kimberly Evering with you!

Kimberly is an editor by day and an adventure blogger by night. Her passion is encouraging and helping others to try something new and move out of their comfort zone.

The Reluctant Runner

She was really intimidated by running at first and questioned whether she had what it took to be a runner. She had done the occasional boot camp running but to her, that was not the same.

Kimberly was encouraged at a local running store to try a weekday fun run. She stepped outside of her comfort zone, took a chance and could not wait until she could run again. She loved the camaraderie and new friends she met. Now let’s hear about her favorite race!

An Unusual Race

Kimberly participated in a SUP triathlon in 2017. By far it’s been her favorite race. The Competition involves the traditional cycling leg and finishing off with a run but the first leg of swimming is replaced by stand-up paddleboarding.

She paddled 1 mile, cycled for 20 and finished off with a technical 4-mile run. it was in Bridgewater VA, out in the country with lots of hills!


When doing a multi-sport race, transitions can often be overlooked. They’re tricky. Kimberly found out how important the transitions are counted towards your overall time in a race. She found out you have to be efficient and treat them as in an integral part of the race and not overlook them.

Growing Up

Kimberly grew up as your traditional little girl taking ballet and dance. She did not consider herself as an athlete. In high school, she participated in volleyball but nothing she describes as hard-core.

She transitioned into sports later in life and it’s been a wild ride! Kimberly loves a variety of races but challenge races are her favorite. It’s like a big jungle gym to her!

To hear the rest of Kimberly story, download and listen to Being a Positive Influence and Sharing Experiences with Kimberly Evering!

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