Great Bucket List Races

We did our first race back in January of 2013 and with that 5K, we knew we would eventually go, well run, places. “Oh, The Places You Will Run” could have been a companion Dr. Seuss book for us runners. Over time, we developed a taste for some great races including big-name marathons and half marathons, some Disney races, various obstacle course races like Spartan Race, and several novelty runs like Christmas lights runs, ran through vineyards, ran on airport runways, and even avoided some zombies along the way.

We are always setting our sights higher for bigger and better race destinations, aka Runcations. When traveling out of the area to see family or for vacation, we ask ourselves if there’s a race there too. Below are a few running destinations we’d like to eventually see in the upcoming years:

  • London Marathon
  • NYC Marathon
  • Boston Marathon (we wish…though when I turn 125 years old, I might have a shot at my age bracket).
  • Chicago Marathon (Mark just got in for 2018, but Lissett didn’t…bummer)
  • Fujisan Marathon – run near Mt. Fuji in the Japanese autumn
  • Ice Marathon in Antarctica – hey, just to say you did itBig Ben Runners scenery
  • Great Wall of China Marathon
  • Athens Marathon
  • Bermuda Marathon
  • Castaway Cay 5K – while in the middle of a Disney cruise…why not?
  • Las Vegas Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon
  • Big Sur Half Marathon
  • Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon
  • Richmond Marathon
  • The Hatfield McCoy Half Marathon
  • Route 66 Marathon
  • JFK 50 Miler
  • The Bataan Memorial Death March
  • Flying Pig Marathon
  • Across the Bay 10K
  • Outer Banks Marathon
  • Honolulu Marathon

The above are on our wish list….one day. What are some of your bucket list races? Have any of you done these and what are your experiences?


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