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Welcome to the Running Couple Podcast

Why do you run? There’s something within you otherwise you wouldn’t have landed on this website. Is it for the bling? Maybe to get or remain fit? Get tips for running a new goal? Or maybe you just want to hear us banter. We think it’s more. Within each and everyone of us there’s a journey: a point-to-point race called Life. You’re looking for a deeper connection in your pursuit for new achievements in fitness. We will fill that by being your virtual running buddy. Together we run.



The Running Couple Podcast is a weekly show built around you, the listener. We want to be your virtual running buddy through interviews with other running couples and singles, and we want to provide you with expert interviews from those tied in with the sport. More importantly, we want to know your journey. Certainly it would be interesting to hear from the 3-time Olympian or the four-minute mile runner. But we can’t relate. Who we can relate to is the person or couple training for their first marathon, or someone who overcame adversity to hit a new PR. We want to share those aches, pains, and victories with you. Join us for a weekly training run at The Running Couple Podcast.